Student Clubs Timetables

Sports Clubs Timetable

We have a wide range of exciting Sports Clubs for students to participate in. Most are free of charge, although a few with external coaches require advance booking and payment. Click to see the current Sports Clubs Timetable.

Student Clubs Timetable

We have recently expanded the extra-curricular clubs provision and students book up via their ‘Student Area’. Each Year Group can see the clubs available to them in their Student Area and there is a wide variety of different clubs which they can sign up to for a term themselves.

This is a snapshot of a typical selection of the clubs available across every Year Group, so scroll down to see the relevant year – Click to view. Note this might not be exactly the same as the actual timetable for this current term which is regularly updated and available to Students via their ‘Student Area’.

Students should check their ‘Student Area’ for the most up to date information for their Year Group and to make a booking.

We are very keen for students to participate in extra-curricular activities and expand their horizons and school experience, so almost all the extra Sports and Student Clubs are free of charge. A very small number of clubs run by external coaches are chargeable (these are marked with a £ symbol), so payment and booking, just for these, is via parents using our ParentPay system.