Student Clubs Timetables

Sports Clubs Timetable

We have a wide range of exciting Sports Clubs for students to participate in. Most are free of charge, although a few with external coaches require advance booking and payment. Click to see the current Sports Clubs Timetable.

Student Clubs Timetable

We have recently expanded the extra-curricular clubs provision and students book up via their ‘Student Area’. Each Year Group can see the clubs available to them in their Student Area and there is a wide variety of different clubs which they can sign up to for a term themselves.

This is a snapshot at September 2021 of the clubs available across every Year Group, so scroll down to see the relevant year – Click to view.

Students should check their ‘Student Area’ for the most up to date information and to make a booking.

We are very keen for students to participate in extra-curricular activities and expand their horizons and school experience, so almost all the extra Sports and Student Clubs are free of charge. A very small number of clubs run by external coaches are chargeable (these are marked with a £ symbol), so payment and booking is via parents using our ParentPay system.