SEND Transition

Student Transition

At The Holy Cross School we work closely with educational settings before students transfer to us in order to seek the information that will make transition as positive as possible.

For students with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or significant need:

At The Holy Cross School we are very happy to discuss SEND with parents/carers of Year 5 and Year 6 students and students joining school after Year 7 especially those transferring for KS5. Individual appointments can be made by contacting the SENDCo.

We liaise closely with primary schools. This helps us to share information that will make the transition to The Holy Cross School as positive as possible. During the summer term each Year 6 student is visited by a member of The Holy Cross Staff. The SENDCo attends Year 6 review meetings if requested to do so. Where it is considered beneficial the SENDCo draws up ‘Transition Plans’ which timetable the Year 6 students for additional visits to our school, during the second half of the summer term. Transition visits are tailored to individual students.

The visits enable students to take part in lessons with the present Year 7, stay for break and lunchtime, become familiar with the school building including St. Theresa’s, our student support area and meet our support staff and some of our teachers. There is opportunity to discuss any problems that they might have encountered and seek solutions. Students are given a variety of experiences and the opportunity to see how school works at different times of the day and for different subjects. Staff do everything they can to make these visits to The Holy Cross School as happy and productive as possible.

In addition there is an induction day at the beginning of July for all incoming Year 7 students.

For the last five years, during the last week of the summer holidays, we have run a very successful Activities Day All new Year 7 students are encouraged to attend especially those with additional needs.

Our careers advisor works with students from Year 9 onward. Students with SEND are encouraged to attend extra sessions where appropriate. For students transferring at the end of KS4 and KS5 we contribute information to onward destinations. We maintain good links with local colleges and other post-16 providers to ensure that pupils with SEND (who choose not stay in our Sixth Form) are enrolled on appropriate courses with suitable support.