Ready To Learn Bundle

Our Vision

At Holy Cross we promote an environment that is conducive to learning for our students. Our comprehensive package not only aims to save parents money, but also ensures that students have access to all the necessary resources for their academic journey.

Creating An Effective Learning Environment

Through the transformative power of technology, specifically iPads, we aim to provide our students with a comprehensive and immersive educational experience. By integrating cutting-edge digital tools and resources into our curriculum, we foster an environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our vision is to cultivate a generation of young women who are not only proficient in using technology but also capable of leveraging it to shape their own futures. We believe that every girl has the potential to make a significant impact, and our mission is to provide them with a solid foundation of digital literacy that will unlock endless opportunities in various fields. By embracing the use of iPads in our teaching and learning processes, we facilitate personalised and collaborative learning experiences. Our students engage in interactive lessons, explore diverse subjects, and develop skills that go beyond traditional academic knowledge. They learn to navigate the vast digital landscape with confidence, adaptability, and ethical responsibility.

A school ipad: A device specifically customised for educational purposes and includes a comprehensive web filter and managed apps.

Digital textbooks and resources: Online textbooks which enable your daughter to access an extensive library of up-to-date learning resources. These digital textbooks offer numerous advantages over traditional print versions, such as interactive elements, multimedia enhancements, and the ability to search and annotate content.

School locker: The dedicated locker included in the bundle offers a secure and convenient space for your daughter to store her belongings throughout the school day. This ensures that she can navigate school with ease, free from the worry of carrying unnecessary weight.

No. As part of the ‘Ready to Learn Bundle’ our school’s iPad program, offers a device specifically customised for educational purposes and includes a comprehensive web filter and managed apps. We believe that this school- provided iPad is not only educationally appropriate but also offers enhanced security and safety compared to personal devices.

The web filter ensures that your child’s internet access is carefully monitored and restricted to age-appropriate and educational content, providing a controlled online environment conducive to learning. Additionally, the managed apps on the school iPad are carefully selected to align with our curriculum, allowing your child to access a range of educational resources that have been vetted for quality and relevance. By providing these safeguards, we aim to create a secure and focused learning experience for your child, protecting them from potentially harmful or distracting online content.

Repair / replacement excesses where individuals make multiple damage claims will be charged at the following rates where it is clear the iPad has not been looked after in the correct way:

  • 1st claim – No excess (we reserve the right to charge an excess if there is clear evidence of wilful damage or neglect)
  • 2nd Claim – £40 excess
  • 3rd Claim – £80 excess Additional Claims – £100 excess

Yes. If your daughter is entitled to free school meals, you will be added to the scheme automatically without charge. If you are not currently receiving free school meals but believe you may be eligible, please contact the school office.