School Houses

Our school is organised in horizontal year groups and also in vertical Houses. This model was launched in September 2017 after an extensive student voice consultation.

Each of our Houses is named after a Christian value and has its own individual colour:

  • Charity
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Mercy
  • Peace

A student’s House identity is displayed by a coloured ribbon sewn above the Holy Cross crest on the school blazer.


The students are led by a team of Sixth Form Yr13 Heads of House and Yr12 Deputy Heads of House. Within the main school (Yrs7-11) each form is led by its House Captain. This model of leadership opportunity facilitates a sustainable model of student leadership and provides good role model aspiration. We now have a total of 35 House leaders!

Charity –

Head of House – Samantha Pidwell (Year 12)

Deputy Head of House – Eva Callinan (Year 12)

Faith –

Head of House – Thabo Sumbwanyambe (Year 12)

Deputy Head of House – Bridget Eburne (Year 12)

Hope –

Head of House – Zuzanna Zielinska (Year 12)

Deputy Head of House – Shanna Aguma (Year 12)

Mercy –

Head of House – Eunpyo Oh (Year 12)

Deputy Head of House – Ines Araujo (Year 12)

Peace –

Head of House – Dima Al Sood (Year 12)

Deputy Head of House – Robyn Marriott (Year 12)

Charity House

Faith House

Hope House

Mercy House

Peace House