Student Chromebook Scheme

The Holy Cross School currently runs a chromebook scheme to enable 1:1 access to technology for its students.

The 1:1 scheme was launched with the Sixth Form in 2018 and we have realised the many opportunities the technology has opened up for research, collaboration and student engagement. 

The scheme provides tools that help organise students’ workload, supports communication and provides better opportunities to continue their studies wherever they are. Individual access to technology gives our students easy access to a wide range of high quality resources and allows us to personalise the provision we offer to ensure every student makes rapid and sustained progress, no matter what their starting point.

The school 1:1 scheme offers students and parents an educational device that is safe, secure and packed full of the resources needed for a personalised and robust learning experience.

The device your daughter receives from the scheme is unlike a device you can buy elsewhere as it includes:

  • An educational upgrade license
  • ‘Securly’ web-filter which works in school and at home
  • Ability for parents to set bedtime schedules and turn off the internet using an app
  • The option for parents to block additional websites when students are at home (great for limiting social media)
  • Classroom controls, so the teacher can ensure students are focused and on task
  • A 3 year warranty
  • 3 years of insurance
  • Support from the school
  • Online textbooks
  • Apps and software necessary for the classroom

Students that have access to an individual device are provided with excellent collaborative tools and the device facilitates an easy student-teacher workflow within a safe environment. The scheme allows us to work together to teach children how to use the internet and their device safely while learning digital skills for the future.

Parents of students who have accepted their offer of a place in Year 7 will receive a letter with details of the 1:1 scheme, the specific model of chromebook chosen for the academic year and information on how to sign up.