Sixth Form Dress Code

Our Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school and their demeanour and appearance reflect the fact that they are young adults. They are therefore expected to be attired in a formal tailored suit consisting of a jacket and skirt or trousers and not leisure wear clothing.


  • Formal suit jacket.


  • Formal skirt of the same colour and material as the jacket. This should fall to the knee or just above. Lycra stretchy skirts are not permitted.


  • Trousers should be the same colour and material as the jacket. Tailored, full length and not tight fitting. No black jean style trousers or leggings permitted.


  • A suitable shirt, blouse or top may be worn. Colour optional. It must cover the shoulders and stomach and not be revealing or low cut. Material must not be sheer or see-through.
  • T-shirts or spaghetti straps are not acceptable. No slogans, logos or pictures.


  • A smart jumper may be worn discretely under the jacket in colder weather. It must not fall below the length of the jacket. No logos or slogans permitted.
  • No cardigans, sweatshirts, fleeces or hoodies permitted.

Outdoor garments

  • Outdoor garments such as coats/scarves/gloves/hats should be removed after arriving in school and stored in lockers or carried out of sight.


  • Shoes should be black with enclosed heels and toes. No black trainers/Vans/Converse shoes.
  • Heeled shoes should be no more than 2 inches.


  • Tights should be plain and not patterned. It is a good idea to carry a spare pair in case tights ladder during the day


  • No extreme or unnatural hair colouring. No close shaved hairstyles.


  • Jewellery must be discrete and appropriate. For example, no large hoops or bars.
  • No facial piercings or tongue piercings.


  • No visible tattoos