Extended Project Qualification (EPQ): Level 3

What will I study?
The Extended Project is a stand-alone qualification worth half an A Level. This qualification puts you in control, giving you the chance to explore something that really interests you.

The qualification has been designed so that you can choose a project title which either extends or expands a subject you are currently studying (for example, linking into one of your A Levels) or, is on a topic that really interests you.​

Why do an Extended Project?
Completing an Extended Project will allow you to demonstrate your ability to learn independently and will give you planning, research, analysis and evaluation skills.
The Extended Project will allow you to learn more about an area that interests you, and:

  • develop skills that will help you with your A levels
  • allow you acquire more UCAS points
  • teach you skills that will help you in higher education or the workplace
  • allow you to research a subject that might not be available through other qualifications
  • develop independent research and project management skills

How will I be assessed?
The project can take on two main forms: a 6,000 word dissertation or an artefact plus a 3,000 word report. You are marked on your ability to plan, manage, complete and review your project.

What do I need to study the course?
GCSE Grade 5 or above in English Language preferred.

Where will an EPQ Qualification lead me?
The Extended project qualification carries up to 28 UCAS points, depending on what grade you achieve. This can be used towards a points offer from a university. The Extended Project cannot be used against a grade offer (such as AAA), but some universities may offer an alternative for students studying the Extended Project (such as ABB instead of AAB), provided that you achieve an A in your Extended Project.