A Level Philosophy, Theology & Ethics

What will I study?
This fascinating subject includes a study of Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and New Testament Studies.


Year 12 and 13

  • Philosophy is the study of wisdom and gives you the opportunity to study some ultimate questions such as philosophical arguments about the existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering, and philosophical debates about miracles.
  • Ethics is thought provoking and relevant to many careers today such as law and medicine as it deals with current issues in society. You will study the relationship between religion and morality; ethical theories such as Utilitarianism and Situation ethics and ethical issues including  War and Peace and Sexual Ethics.
  • New Testament Studies will give you the opportunity to study the Gospel texts, the scholarly and critical methods used today to study the text of the New Testament. We will also explore aspects of Christian Theology, for example the nature of Jesus as both human and divine.

How will I be assessed?
Three written examinations of 2 hours each.

What do I need to study the course?
GCSE Grade 6 or above in Religious Studies and Grade 5 in English Language or Literature.

Where will A Level Theology, Philosophy & Ethics lead me?
Students who have studied this subject at The Holy Cross Sixth Form have gone on to degrees in Theology and RE, RE and Philosophy, Philosophy and Teacher Training. Careers directly related to Religious Studies include teaching Religious Studies in school, ordained ministry or other full-time careers in the church, museum work, research and teaching at university.  Religious Studies is useful for work in caring professions, journalism, human resources, charity work, business and management.