A Level Sociology

What will I study?
Sociology is the study of human social relationships, social change and the social causes and consequences of human behaviour. For sociologists, the lives of individuals can only be understood through studying the wider social context in which we live. Sociology’s subject matter is diverse; we will look at topics ranging from crime to religion, the family to education, from divisions of race, social class and gender to the shared beliefs of a common culture. Sociology is an exciting, relevant and interesting subject that will enable you to have a better understanding of the world you live in.

Year 12

  • Students will cover the key concepts and theories associated with the study of sociology: Families and Households – topics include childhood, family diversity and demography. Education, methods in Context and Research Methods – topics include social policy, subcultures and patterns of achievement in relation to class, gender and ethnicity.

Year 13

  • Beliefs in Society/Religion – topics include the relationship between religious beliefs and social change and stability, religious organisations.
  • Crime and Deviance with theories and methods ‐ topics include theories to explain the social distribution of crime by age, gender, class and locality.

How will I be assessed?
Three written examinations:

Education with Theory and Methods (2 hours)
Topics in Sociology (2 hours)
Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods  (2 hours)

What do I need to study the course?
GCSE Grade 5 or above in English Language and Literature.

Where will A Level Sociology lead me?
Students who have studies this subject at Holy Cross Sixth Form have gone on to degrees in Business Management and Sociology, Social Science, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Criminology and Sociology, Sociology and Education.  Related career areas include:  social researcher, social worker, teacher, local government e.g. education, housing, social services, central government and charity work.  Additional career areas include advertising and marketing, human resources, town planning  and the police.