A Level Psychology

What will I study?
Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour – so if you are passionate about understanding how people think and behave then Psychology is for you!

Year 12 and 13

  • Year 12 : the course covers memory, social influence (e.g. why did German soldiers obey the Nazi regime), attachment, psychopathology (e.g. how we define mental illness), the different approaches used to explain behaviour in psychology, biopsychology (e.g. structure and function of neurons and how they affect behaviour), and research methods (e.g. how to create reliable and valid experiments).
  • Year 13 : you will also study research methods, issues and debates, relationships, stress and aggression.

What do I need to study the course?
GCSE Grade 5 or above in English Language and Mathematics AND GCSE Grade 5 or above in Biology OR GCSE Grade 5:5 or above in GCSE Combined Science.

How will I be assessed?
Three 2 hour examinations which will cover all material over the two years.

Examination: A Level Psychology AQA

Where will A Level Psychology lead me?
Students who have studied Psychology at Holy Cross Sixth Form often progress to degrees in Psychology.
Specialist fields include: clinical, counselling, educational, forensic  (criminological and legal), health, occupational or industrial, sport psychologist and neuropsychologist; nearly all of which require postgraduate study.   Psychology is valued in social work, human resources, sales, marketing, and general administration and management.