A Level Physical Education

What will I study?
This subject offers students the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles within sport such as performer or coach. This qualification looks to equip students with the skills and knowledge required for higher education and/or the world of work.The course will address current contemporary topics such as the use of ergogenic aids, technology and the increasing commercialism of sport. The course also includes applied physiology, skill acquisition and opportunities for participation.

Students follow the AQA Physical Education specification
The course offers a breadth of study which reflects the multifaceted nature of the science, psychology and sociology surrounding Physical Activity and Sport. During the course students will study; Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, Skill Acquisition, Sport Psychology, Sport and Society and The Role of Technology in Sport. This theoretical aspect of the course makes up 70% of the students final grade and is assessed through two papers at the end of Year 13.
Students will also be assessed in practical aspects, which contribute to 30% of the overall grade. Students will be assessed in their practical performance in one activity and written and verbal analysis of their performance.

​Year 12 and 13


Component 1: (35%) Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport.

Written Paper

  • Applied anatomy and physiology (35 marks)
  • Skill acquisition (35 marks)
  • Sport and society (35 marks)

Component 2: (35%) Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport.

Written Paper

  • Exercise physiology and biomechanics (35 marks)
  • Sport psychology (35 marks)
  • Sport, society and technology in sport (35 marks)

Component 3: (30%) Practical performance in physical activity and sport (45 marks)

Analysis and evaluation (45 marks)


How will I be assessed?
Two 2 hour written exams (Components 1 & 2)
Internal assessment with external moderation (Component 3)

What do I need to study the course?
Regular commitment to at least one extra-curricular competitive sport.
GCSE Grade 6 or above in PE and GCSE Grade 5 or above in Biology
Or GCSE Grade 5:5 or above in GCSE Combined Science.
GCSE PE recommended but not essential – students would need approval of the Subject Leader.​

Where will an A Level qualification in Physical Education lead me?
Students who have studied PE at The Holy Cross Sixth Form have gone on to take degrees in Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Studies and Health & Fitness.  Careers can be found in the health and fitness industry such as personal trainer, coach, sports development officer, outdoor activities manager or leader, and sports manager.  Sports marketing and media, sports injury, sports events management and teaching.  PE can be useful for careers in the police, fire service and the Armed Forces