A Level History

“Study history, study history! In history lie all the secrets of statecraft.”

Winston Churchill

What will I study?
History is a fascinating subject which gives us a greater understanding of the world in which we live. Studying this subject broadens the mind and gives you valuable skills. It is a firm foundation for many academic courses and career choices. History is widely respected by universities and employers as a discipline which promotes independent thinking, research skills and the ability to present a logical argument.
History students will have the opportunity to visit Berlin in Year 12.

Year 12 and 13

  • Breadth Study – The Tudors: England 1485-1603
  • Depth Study – Democracy & Nazism: Germany 1918-1945
  • Historical Investigation
  • Witchcraft 1560-1660 – England & Europe

How will I be assessed?
Two written examinations both 2 hrs 30 mins (80%) and an Historical Investigation 3000-3500 words (20%).

What do I need to study the course?
GCSE Grade 6 or above in History and GCSE Grade 5 or above in English Language or Literature. GCSE History recommended, not essential.

Where will A Level History lead me?
Students who have studied History at Holy Cross Sixth Form have gone on to degrees in History, History of Art,  Anthropology and Politics.  History is generally regarded as a good preparation for the legal professions and students often progress to Law degrees.  Some of the careers in which history is directly relevant are teaching, museum work and archivist.  As you will have an eye for detail, research skills and the ability to form logical arguments you can find work in many areas of management and administration including local and national government, marketing sales and media.