A Level Environmental Science

Course Name           : Environmental Science

Award                         : GCE A level

Exam Board              : AQA

Teacher                     : Mrs Gowan


The course

Students who enjoy a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and have a keen interest in the sustainability of our planet will find this new specification engaging and thought provoking.

Key popular topics include the biophysical environment, energy resources, pollution, circular economy and sustainability. With opportunities to include real life case studies in learning, this contemporary qualification has never been more relevant.

This is a great accompaniment to A-levels in geography, biology, physics and maths which develops key skills including communication, teamwork and critical thinking.


Content overview


The living environment

•    Conditions for life on Earth

•    Conservation of biodiversity

•    Life processes in the biosphere and conservation planning


The physical environment

•    The atmosphere

•    The hydrosphere

•    Mineral resources

•    Biogeochemical cycles

•    Soils


Energy resources

•    The importance of energy supplies in the development of society

•    The impact of use of energy resources

•    The sustainability of current energy resource use

•    Strategies to secure future energy supplies

•    New energy conservation technologies


•    The properties of pollutants

•    How environmental features affect the severity of pollution

•    Strategies to control pollutants based on their properties and features of the environment


Biological resources

•    Agriculture

•    Aquatic food production systems

•    Forest resources



•    Dynamic equilibria

•    Energy

•    Material cycles

•    The circular economy


Research methods

•    Scientific methodologies

•    Sampling techniques



This course is assessed by means of two 3-hour exams.

The questions include a combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

Entry requirement

  • Grade 5.5 or above in Combined Science or GCSE Biology
  • Grade 5 or above in Maths and English.
  • To feel confident, students should have sat the Higher Paper in Mathematics as well as in Combined Science/GCSE Biology.