A Level English Language & Literature (EMC) OCR

“Studying English helps to broaden different areas, helping me with analysis and understanding in other subjects”

A Level English Language & Literature student

What will I study?
English Language and Literature (EMC) allows students to continue in their study of literature as well as developing their linguistic and creative writing skills. They will explore significant aspects of the English language such as: phonetics; phonology and prosodics; lexis and semantics; grammar; pragmatics and discourse as well as a drama text; a collection of poetry and a modern prose text.
We hope that students will enjoy the broad range of forms and contexts of texts that they will be exposed to throughout the course.

The modules of study are:

  • Exploring Non-Fiction and Spoken Texts
  • The Language of Poetry and Plays
  • Reading as a Writer, Writing as a Reader
  • Independent Study: Analysing and Producing Texts

What do I need to study the course?
GCSE Grade 5 or above in English Language and 5 or above in English Literature.

How will I be assessed?
Three terminal examinations (80% of final grade).
​One personal, independent, investigative task linking texts by themes (20% of final grade). This will be internally assessed and externally moderated.

Where will A Level English Language & Literature lead me?
This A Level creates a strong foundation for the study at degree level of a wide range of related subjects, such as: History, Drama, English Literature, Marketing, Primary Teaching, as well as Midwifery. This A Level encourages students to develop thoughtful, reflective, articulate communication skills as well as the ability to elicit integral information from a range of different text forms.

Possible future careers might include: retail, the media, law, IT, accountancy, finance, management, human resources and administration.