Student Assessment

Reporting to Parents (2018 – 19)

All students in Year 7 – 13 receive a report each half term.

Students will be awarded an ‘Attitude to Learning’ indicator because we believe that this is key to your daughter’s progress and future success. This is based on research:

“A pupil’s attitudes to learning can influence their whole experience of education and have significant effects on their overall levels of attainment, engagement and well-being.”

(GL Assessment, Jonathan Thomson, October 2016)

Attitude to Learning is an indicator of the level of your daughter’s commitment to learning. It includes their focus and contributions in lessons, their willingness to respond to feedback about their learning, and the effort evident in their classwork and homework. The criteria is as follows:

Above & Beyond

Any student going above the criteria for Expected
A student who regularly completes extension work / independent activities in addition to what they are asked to do


Arrives at lessons fully equipped and prepared to learn
Completes all HW/CW to the best of their ability
Responds to advice on how to improve their work
Participates in lessons and works well with their peers
Is polite, punctual, participates, is cooperative, learns from their mistakes, and takes pride in what they do.


Does not always have the correct equipment
Work is generally completed and handed in on time but not always to the best of their ability
Does not always respond to advice and feedback
Sometimes affects the learning of others
Not always engaged
Does not always participate in the lesson to the best of their ability.


There are significant issues with equipment on a regular basis
They have failed to complete classwork and/or homework on a number of occasions
There are persistent behavioural issues that affect their own or other students’ learning.

All students will receive an Attitude to Learning grade each half term. The report will also include information regarding rewards and sanctions (please refer to Rewards and Sanctions guidance).

Progress towards examination targets


Students in KS3 follow an assessment scheme which does not include “levels” but is based on formative assessments, key tasks and response to teacher feedback. Please see the separate page which explains this in more detail.

Parents receive 2 Attitude to Learning reports each term, plus a Progress Benchmark at the end of each term. In Years 7 and 8 it also includes an End of Year Examination percentage in July.


Students are set challenging targets at KS4 based on FFT 5 (these are aspirational and based on Holy Cross being in the top 5% of schools for progress from KS2 – KS4).

For each subject, students in Year 10 and 11 will be given an FFT target, a ‘Working at Grade’ and a ‘Projected Grade’ (the grade that your daughter is likely to achieve based on current effort and progress).


Students in Sixth Form will be given a target grade for each subject, a ‘Working at Grade’ and a ‘Projected Grade’.

Please refer to the Reporting Schedule for further details of reports for each year group.

Throughout Year 7 – 13 your daughter will also receive on-going feedback during lessons and in her written work. We encourage you to look at your daughter’s work to see the feedback from teachers and the progress that she is making. At parents’ evening you will have the opportunity to discuss your daughter’s progress with her teachers.

At the end of the year students in Year 7 – 10 will also receive written comments from their Tutor. This will be a summary of your daughter’s progress and attitude to learning throughout the year, together with their personal development and wider contribution, e.g. through participation in extra-curricular activities.

Changes to GCSE grading