‘Let’s Create a World Without Racism’

Students have been sharing their work for entry in the Columban Competition, a schools media competition looking for students to submit an original piece of writing or an original image on the theme ‘Let’s create a world without racism’. Winners will be announced on Columban media on 15th March. https://www.columbancompetition.com/ 

We are so impressed with the outstanding and powerful work submitted by our Year 9 students so far (shown below in order of the photographs appearing):

  • Cecilia Saragosa-Smith ‘Unity in diversity, a global face’
  • Cliona Smith ‘A world working together in harmony’
  • Siena Baker ‘There is no such thing as race’
  • Lily Alcock ‘The balance, I have a dream’
  • Jessica Lacuesta ‘Change the system’
  • Daria Kavazova ‘Pink Heart