Inspiring girls to become the innovators and pioneers of the future!

Yesterday, the whole of Year 9 attended an inspirational Maths4girls event.

Organised by Ms Ruggiero (Teacher of Maths) as part of the Year 9 Careers Programme, business volunteers Eleri Rhidian (Vice President Business Development, Ellington Management Group), Tory Hyndman (Partner at Charta Partners LLP) and Daria Grandstom (Partner Manager at Mixpanel UK Limited) visited the school and enlightened the girls with their personal work experiences in the traditionally male-dominated STEM fields of Finance and Technology. The students had the opportunity to hear first-hand how Maths is used in their current roles and how pursuing a career in STEM opens up a wide range of professional opportunities.

A huge thanks to Eleri, Tory and Daria for offering up their time and sharing their motivational journeys with our students!

Maths4girls partners with universities, industry and education to provide young people with insights into careers and industries they are most likely to enter after they complete their education. Events such as these help girls feel empowered in making informed decisions regarding their future beyond gender stereotypes.

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