Severe Weather Protocol

The school will endeavour to remain open in the event of severe weather and will only be closed to students and staff in extreme circumstances.

In the unlikely event of a school closure the Headteacher will make a decision by 7:00 a.m. The school will employ a variety of measures to communicate this to parents, carers, students and staff to include:

  1. An announcement on the school website ( )
  2. Parent Pay mail will be sent to all parents / carers registered.
  3. Kingston local authority’s Open Check Service can be checked by:  Ringing 020 8408 7508  and entering the school’s 7 digit DCSF code which is 314 5402 to receive a message stating whether or not the school is open or re-opening on a given day, or by navigating to the website: Open Check Service to receive this information.
  4. The school’s outgoing telephone message will be altered to reflect a change in open/closed status.
  5. The school’s facebook and twitter accounts will be updated.