Holy Cross students and staff celebrate October Black History Month

Students and staff are celebrating Black History Month this October. One of our talented Year 10 students wrote her own powerful and meaningful lyrics to a rap song which she delivered during school assembly this week:

It doesn’t matter if you’re black,

It doesn’t matter if you’re white

If we work together, we can stop this fight


There’s so much hate in the world, where do we start?

Let’s begin to love, and fix these broken hearts


It’s black history month, but what does it mean?

It means embrace the past, it shows how far we’ve been


It’s affected us all, so let’s stand together,

Let’s all join forces, love is forever 


Hold up- is that racism I see?

We have to stop this, kindness is for free


If I had a dime for black hate crime 

I’d be like Mansa Musa, the richest of our time 


Let’s support and say their names,

This is real life this isn’t a game 


If you see something wrong, call it out 

See it, report it, that’s what it’s about


L O V E  love don’t hate 

God said we’re all equal, so why discriminate?


In the end, we’re all human, so why segregate

If we were all anti-racist the world would be great


Yeah, police brutalities, 

It’s not okay

A racist comment 

Can ruin someone’s day


If you’re an ally make it known,

Because we can’t fight this battle alone


It’s Black History Month, 

And let me say it again 

Let’s all stand together right until the end 


It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white green or blue

You’re perfect from your hair right down to your shoe