Holy Cross is re-accredited as a World Class School!

We are extremely proud and honoured to have been re-accredited as a World Class School!

Miranda Perry, Director of WCSQM said:

“We have a lot to celebrate at WCSQM. The challenges of the last few months have proved that the World Class skills and competencies of our students, the recognition of which is the point of our organisation, are what really matter. World Class students have the skills and competencies not only to survive in times of trial, but to flourish. We are celebrating our confidence in the fact that our World Class students will win at life, no matter what.”

World Class Schools Quality Mark is a UK charity. They are made up of some of the best non-selective state schools in the country. They are an award making body, which awards schools the quality mark according to whether the schools’ students can demonstrate the skills and competencies of the assessment framework.

Below is a video of the unveiling of our plaque at WCSQM’s first ever virtual symposium in July:

Unveiling of World Class Schools plaque