House Patron Saints

House Patron Saints

This academic year has seen the launch of House Patron Saints too – all incredible female figures who can serve as inspiration to our students.

Mercy: St Faustina – patron of mercy, forgiveness & art (feast day 5th October)

Faith: St Joan of Arc – patron of France, soldiers, battles of any kind (feast day 30th May)

Hope: St Hildegard – patron of musicians & writers (feast day 17th September)

Charity: St Therese of Lisieux – patron of those who suffer, missions, breast cancer, sisters (feast day 1st October)

Peace: St Rita – patron of impossible cases, difficult marriages, parenthood (feast day 22nd May)

“Collective Worship is central to the life of the school for all pupils, whatever their own particular faith background, and forms the heart of every school celebration. Praying together is part of the daily experience of all pupils and staff.”

Denominational Inspection Report, 2018